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Residential Areas

Brockville was established on the north bank of the St. Lawrence River, and initially expanded east and west, from the river north to the CNR railway line.

With the development of Highway 401, the city continued to grow northerly, and now encompasses approximately 2.5 square miles. A description is given for the types of housing found in each section of the city, as well as the surrounding townships of Elizabethtown-Kitley and Augusta.



This section of the city runs from the river north to the railway tracks and west of Perth Street to the city limits. The architecture is a mix of heritage styles found closer to the waterfront to recently built modern styles. There are many choices from executive high-end priced homes (many with river views), to moderate older brick homes. The following is a description of some of the more recent developed areas.

Country Club Place - A condominium development on the river across from the golf course consisting of 3-storey townhouses overlooking the river.

Brock Woods - The first homes were built in 1991. There is a wide mix of single family homes, from 1200 sq. ft. bungalows to 2600 sq. ft. 2-storey model semidetached dwellings.

Pearl Street West - This small cul-de-sac, within the Brock Woods subdivision, contains 22 homes including single family units on oversized lots, “lifestyle”semi-detached bungalows.

Susanna Lane - upscale townhouses on the North side of King Street West.

Butlers Creek – Found at the west end of Church Street, this development of 52 freehold attached town homes are a popular retirement location. Snow-removal and grass-cutting is done under a group contract, at a nominal monthly cost. The majority of the units are 2 bedroom/2 bath bungalows, the balance being 2-storey/3 bedroom units.



This area encompasses the downtown core from the river to the CN line between Perth Street and Park Street. The homes are a mixture of heritage culture made of stone or brick to a modest income dwelling. Numerous apartments above the stores, townhouse as well as duplexes and condos along the river makes this a truly versatile socio-economic area. All have easy access to the City’s waterfront parks and walking trails.

Condominiums - Along the waterfront there are three condo establishments as well as seniors apartment complexes. The 72 unit Executive Condominium, is a waterfront, apartment-style building. The Boardwalk is the most recently completed condominium, located on Tunnel Bay consisting of 1800 sq. ft. units, all with a river view. The Harbourview Condominium, is situated so that most units enjoy a river view. Dwelling space ranges from one bedroom units to 3 bedroom river-end units. The Four Winds is located on King St. in the downtown area and also offers a birds eye view of the river from many of its units. Three new developments are in the works for downtown Brockville. The Wedgewood is a 7- storey seniors building with 109 units, and ground floor commercial space. The Brockville Landing is a 10-storey, 90 Unit condo building along the St. Lawrence River. Construction is estimated to be completed 2011/12 We also have Downtown West Condo’s. A 3-storey 26 unit building in the existing Reliable Furniture Building. Construction is estimated to be completed 2011. The Tall Ships Landing is an exciting new development that offers a complete waterfront recreational lifestyle. Situated on the beautiful waterfront in the historic downtown of Brockville, Ontario, Tall Ships Landing provides unparalleled access to the spectacular 1000 Islands with suites ranging from 995 to 2500 square feet starting at $300,000.  

Courtyards of Kincaid - A newer development of ten 3-storey town homes has recently been established. These are upscale units, each having a detached 2 car garage, connected by a covered walkway to the rear of the unit. There is a common centre court area and the southerly block has river views.



The east end is comprised of the area from the river to the railway line and from Park Street to the city limits at Oxford Avenue. Homes tend to be higher quality in some sections, many heritage dwellings found especially closer to the downtown. Higher end homes are located east of the downtown core including a stately row of mansions along King Street reminding us of the elite culture that has been present in Brockville for centuries. Most moderate homes are 25-125 years old including several larger ones



This next section describes the homes that are found centrally in the community which is the area divided between the CN railway line and Highway 401. Homes here are generally up to 60 years old and generally tend to be fairly well maintained with generous size lots.



Brockvillians, when talking about the north end, refer to the mass development of the city north of Highway 401 to the city’s northerly limits. This section of the city began it’s growth with the boom of development in the 1970s including commercial development along Parkedale Avenue. As the community continued to grow the blocks expanded eastwardly. The styles include bungalows to split-levels, 2-storey modern to executive styles including attached garages. Many apartment clusters are also found in the north as well as senior residences. The following are descriptions of just a few of the blocks recently developed.

Cuthbertson - An area of recent construction, the south end contains freehold 2-storey town homes as well as custom single family bungalows. The development contains upscale 2-storey/4 bedroom homes and large bungalows, all with 2 car garages.

Sheridan Green - Located on the east side of Millwood Ave. is a large development of 2-storey townhouse condominiums, approx 16-18 years old. These units come in 2, 3 & 4 bedroom models.

Dana Street - There is a row of single family semi’s, that are owned and managed by a Co-operative for young families trying to get started.

Wilmot Young Place completed in 1996 contains 2 bedroom bungalow units and 3 bedroom/2-storey units. Snow-removal and grass-cutting is done under a group contract.

Hunter’s Hill (Wildwood Crescent/Beley St) is being developed at the north end of the city consisting of upscale bungalows and 2-storey homes.

Bridlewood, another active new development subdivision in the north end began with the first homes built in 1994. There is now a comprehensive selection of housing styles to choose from, many being upscale 2-storey/4 bedroom homes with semi-detached units available on a limited basis.


Residential Developments Beyond City Limits

All homes outside city limits are normally on private well and septic systems, however homes on and close to County Rd. 2, west of Brockville, were connected to the City water supply early in 2000 to overcome a problem with road-salt contamination of well water aquifers.

Elizabeth Park Estates (4 miles west, along Cty. Rd. 2) - A modest development of homes - mainly bungalows, 20-25 year old with garages on ½ acre lots.

Lily Bay Estates (3 miles west, along Cty. Rd. 2) - A 34 lot development, of executive caliber homes, set on lots that are a minimum of 2 acres in size. The minimum size of a home that can be built is 1800 sq. ft. above grade.

Lily Bay Shores (3 miles west, along Cty. Rd. 2) - A 17 lot development, with several lots fronting on the St. Lawrence River, all sharing a common docking area.

Hillcrest Park (2.5 miles west, along Cty. Rd. 2) - This development is devoted to large executive homes. An exciting mix of custom-designed houses are continually being added on lots that are 1-3 acres in size.

Fernbank area (2 miles west along Cty. Rd. 2) - There is a wide variety, in style and size, of custom designed homes.

Lyn Heights (4 miles west along Cty. Rd. 27) - A subdivision just outside the Village of Lyn. The homes are about 10-15 years old and offer a mix of bungalows, side-splits and smaller two storey dwellings.

Braelyn Estates (3.5 miles west along Cty. Rd. 27) - This development is adjacent to Lyn Heights and although the lots are similar in size, the houses tend to be slightly larger. Most houses have 2 car garages and some have pools.

Heather Heights subdivision (About 4 miles north-west, just east of Cty. Rd. 29) - This development was started in the early 1980s. Homes are a pleasant blend of single family bungalows, side-splits and two-storey models, most having 2 car garages.

Lion‘s Gates subdivision (3 miles east, along Cty. Rd. 2) - This development of 1.2-2.3 acre lots is the location of some of the largest recently built homes in the Brockville area. All have been heavily customized and several are over 3,000 sq. ft. in size.

McLean subdivision (4 miles east, Cty Rd 2 in Maitland) - Housing is from 1-30 years old. Bungalows are predominant, most having a garage or carport. Lots are generally 75' x 100', many have in-ground pools and several have some view of the river, depending upon the time of year.

Maitland Park Estates (About 6 miles east of Brockville and north of Maitland village) - This development on the east side of Cty. Rd. 15 in Maitland, actually consists of three adjacent subdivisions. The first homes were built in 1978, and there is now a wide range of housing styles. The subdivision consist of bungalows, side-splits and 2-storey/4 bedroom homes on ½ acre lots.