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Industrial/Commercial Listing

We invite you to browse through "All Properties" at the bottom of this page for available commercial and industrial lands and properties in the Brockville area. The properties have been categorized by the following: Retail/Commercial, Commercial Land, Industrial Building, Industrial Land, and Downtown. Office space can be found in the Retail/Commercial section. Any property in the downtown section has been categorized separately from the Retail/Commercial section. Click on the property's address to open up the file for details including which real estate company can give you further information.

You can also contact City Hall for more information on any city owned property. Phone 613-342-8772 

For 360 degree street views of properties:  Google Maps Street View

For related maps and property sites: 

Downtown Brockville Properties 

Map of City Islands             

Map of Western Industrial Park         

Map of John G Broome Business Park

Please note that the content and status of data is solely dependent on the broker's/contact's input and not that of the City of Brockville. This is not a complete list for the area as real estate does change frequently.