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Brockville - The Birthplace of the Canadian Flag
Posted Nov-16-2012

Brockville - The Birthplace of the Canadian Flag

A small local committee being championed by Robert Harper is being organized to provide a fitting tribute on the 50th Anniversary of our Canadian flag coming up in 2015. Our own Brockville citizen, the Honorable John Ross Matheson, was the individual most responsible for the design and Parliamentary proceedings and debate towards fruition back in 1965.

At the time when the first Canadian maple leaf flag was raised on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in 1965, few realized the architect of the flag or the process that was engineered by Mr. Matheson to ensure this was our new national flag. Mr. Harper is proceeding with identifying a suitable commemorative program associated with recognizing the anniversary of the Canadian flag as well as the Honorable J. R. Matheson. Mr. Harper has approached an esteemed local artist and historian on the creation of a commemorative painting that will capture the history and imagination of our flag, our country and how the flag became our very own Canadian flag. The anniversary also provided a fitting opportunity to inform Canadian citizens about the birthplace of the flag and the individual that championed the project.

All the legal and government requirements have been met on the initiative and the committee is ready to move this project forward and have every single Canadian enjoy and art worthy of such a celebration in 2015 including the historical account on the varied range of politics that transpired prior to the confirmation of the flag design.

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